Had your DSA approved?

Read the letter from your funding body very carefully as this will tell you what you need to do next.

How to order your equipment
You will be asked to order the equipment yourself. You will need to contact the company provided on the letter you have received giving them details about the quotation, and ask the company to send the invoice to your funding body. All this information can be found within the assessment of needs report. Fax, email or post a copy of the approval letter from the funding body to the company. Once the order has been placed, the company will contact you to arrange the delivery. This is usually five to ten working days from the date the order was placed.

It is your responsibility to ensure the equipment is adequately insured against theft, loss and accidental damage, (the funding body will pay for this insurance and it is usual that this is included within the quotations provided). It will not be covered by the maintenance agreement with the supplier if the equipment is accidentally damaged and you will not be able to get a replacement through the DSA allowance if it has not been insured. Please check your assessment of needs report to see if additional insurance is required or that it is included. (Endsleigh Insurance offer special rates for students.)

The Student Loans Company contact number is +44 (0)845 300 50 90.

One-to-one dyslexia support
To access this support if you are at Nottingham Trent University, or to make an appointment to discuss your needs with a Dyslexia Specialist, please:

For other institutions please contact your disability office.

Notetaking service / support worker
If you are a Nottingham Trent University student and have been recommended a notetaking service / support worker, please email us or telephone +44 (0)115 848 4366. It is not necessary for you to call in at a Student Support Centre at this stage.

General allowance: Send in receipts to the funding authority for reimbursement at the end of each term. The amount to reclaim must be more than £10.

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to email us.