Your NTU Student Card


Your NTU Student Card is your:

  • student identification (ID) card
  • library and University building access card (so keep it safe)
  • cheaper unlimited travel card on NCT bus services, including the Go2 Uni 4 bus between the City Campus and Clifton Campus*
  • Sport and Fitness membership card*
  • printing and photocopying card
  • cash card for NTU cafes and Print Shop Services*

You can contact Card Services on +44 (0)115 848 2857 or email us if you have any questions. Please also ensure that you read the NTU Student Card Terms and Conditions. PDF icon

Keep your card safe and report it missing if you lose it.

* These are optional extras.


Discounts for you

Students on the steps outside NTU

You are entitled to discounts on campus with your NTU Student Card. Don't miss out!

Top-up and use your card

You can top-up your NTU Student Card using the loading page. Alternatively, your parents or guardians can add money for you.

Get a replacement card

Find out how to report a lost or stolen NTU Student Card and get a replacement.

Get active

Students using the gym

Become a Sport and Lifestyle member with your NTU Student Card. Pay monthly or annually to enjoy our affordable fitness classes, clubs and sports facilities.

NUS Extra card

On average, students save over £500 a year by using their Extra card. Discover the discounts available to you from national stores and entertainment venues if you decide to buy one.