City Campus

Current developments 

23 Goldsmith Street
This new development will provide an attractive exhibition space for students, housing a new Global Lounge. The building will be ready in early 2019.

University Hall
Phase 1 of our plans to convert a former Wesleyan Chapel on Shakespeare Street into a venue for graduation ceremonies and other prestigious events is complete. . Phase 2 is currently underway and includes a new contemporary extension, which will house a music centre and dining area. The whole building will be open for use for graduation ceremonies in summer 2019.

Completed developments

Greening the City
As part pf our Greening the City project, we’ve transformed two sites outside Maudslay and Chaucer into exciting green spaces with soft landscaping, paving, seating, shrubbery and foliage.

More teaching and study spaces in Dryden Centre and Newton building
Modifications in Dryden and areas of Newton have taken place over the summer to provide more teaching spaces, study areas and IT facilities on the City Campus as part of our Creating Capacity in the City project.

To find out more about IT facilities and study spaces, visit the library webpages and PC availability webpages.

Newton coffee pod
We’ve upgraded the Newton coffee pod this summer to provide an improved snack and beverage offer, plus more tills for a speedier service.

Chaucer Health and Care practice
There is a new NTU Centre for Health and Care Practice available for the start of this term. You’ll find this on the second floor of the Chaucer building in the School of Social Sciences. The new facility includes the creation of a SCALE-UP room, a new teaching room and some staff offices.

Boots Library toilets
Over the summer we’ve upgraded the toilets on levels 3 and 4 of the Boots Library.


campus transformation
campus transformation
campus transformation