How to use your card

You can top-up your NTU student card using the loading page. Alternatively, your parents or guardians can add money for you. It can take up to 30 minutes for uploaded funds to appear on your student card for use. You will also need to get your card activated at following locations before you can purchase items with it:

  • City Campus - Student Services Centre in the Central Court or Boots Library
  • Clifton Campus - Card Services in Clifton Student Services Centre
  • Brackenhurst Campus - Brackenhurst Library

The following are frequently asked questions about topping up and using your card. 

Can I put money onto my student card if I don't have a credit or debit card?

In special circumstances we will accept cash by prior arrangement with Card Services.

What is a sensible amount to put on my student card before I get to NTU?

For food and drink, the typical cost of a lunch is £4 for a sandwich and a drink to £5 for a cooked meal and a drink. Assuming you had lunch at NTU everyday that would be £16 to £20 per week. There are ten weeks in the first term, so that would mean £160 to £200 for the first term. 

What can I buy with my student card?

You can use it to pay for purchases in the University's cafés, libraries and print shops. Bars and Students' Union shops are excluded. The cafés are generally open 9 am – 4 pm during term times. The cafés sell hot and cold drinks as well as a range of sandwiches, pastries, and confectionery. At lunchtime they offer freshly prepared meals cooked daily using fresh ingredients.

You can also use your card, once it has been activated, to obtain NTU sport and fitness membership. See the membership options available. 

In addition, you can use your card to obtain cheaper unlimited travel on NCT bus services, including the Go2 Uni 4 bus between City Campus and Clifton Campus. You can add transport credits to your card at our Student Services Centre help desks. Please contact NCT directly for travel options to Brackenhurst Campus. 

What is the minimum and maximum I can put on my student card?

The minimum amount you can put on your card is £10. There is no upper limit in total. However, you are limited to £1,000 each time you load money on via the web.

Can I use my student card outside of the University to pay for things?

You can use your student card on the tram and NCT buses (after you've set this up at NTU). At the moment the student card can only be used for purchases at the University. You might like to purchase an NUS Extra card. On average, students save over £500 a year by using it.

Can I move money between my printing or copying budget and my food budget?

No, due to incompatibilities between the two systems we cannot offer you the facility to move money between the two. We realise this is inconvenient and hope to be able to offer this facility in the future.




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