The assessment process

What information will I need to provide prior to the assessment?

Once we have confirmed your appointment, we will send you a pre-assessment form to fill in as well as details on finding us. We will also ask you to provide a copy of the approval letter from your funding authority and a copy of your supporting evidence (i.e. the evidence you sent in with your DSA application, this could be a letter from your Doctor or an Educational Psychologists report).

What happens at the assessment?

The assessment is a meeting with one of our skilled and friendly assessors to determine how the DSA funds available for your studies can best be spent and how your university should make adjustments to assist you.

During the meeting, you will discuss the learning strategies that you currently use, the requirements of your course and any support needs that you may have. The assessor will then suggest strategies that could be used to manage the effects of your disability on your studies. This could include demonstrating different equipment and software to show how they might help you, and discussing human support.

The purpose of the assessment is to determine a support package that is suited to you. The assessor will ask for your opinion on the support strategies proposed and answer any questions you might have.

What happens after the assessment?

Your assessor will write a comprehensive and detailed report that makes formal recommendations to your Funding Body (such as the SFE or NHS) and Institution as to how these needs should be met. This may include recommendations and quotations for support and equipment to be provided through the DSAs. Your Needs Assessment Report will then be sent to your Funding Body for approval and you will also receive a copy.

Please note. NTU Assessment Centre staff will check that all DSA providers detailed in the assessment reports can provideĀ  1-1 support in accordance with DSA QAG Quality Assurance Framework Requirement 2.3.