Autism support

The Autism Support Team
The NTU Autism Support Team consists of a Disability Officer - Autism, Academic Support Specialists and Specialist Mentors. Together, we work to improve the university experience for students with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

  1. The Disability Officer will act as a first point of contact for you, and can coordinate any additional support that you may need.
  2. Our Academic Support Specialist provides one-to-one tailored learning support to enable students with ASC to reach their full potential. Study skills sessions with the Academic Support Specialist usually last for about an hour and take place on a regular basis.*
  3. You may also be entitled to additional support from a Mentor. The Mentor offers one-to-one support on a regular basis, and focuses on issues relevant to the individual. These issues might include social integration, independent living, managing workloads and meeting deadlines, developing confidence to interact effectively with peers and lecturers, and considering future career aspirations.*

* Students requiring this support will be expected to have applied for the Disabled Students' Allowance.

Contact us

Disability Support Administrator via email or +44 (0)115 848 2085

Peer support

Peer support from fellow students
We have a mentoring scheme that is available to all students and is run through library services. They employ a team of second-year, final-year and postgraduate Student Mentors who have been trained to help students with academic writing and maths.

Find out more or book an appointment to see a Student Mentor.

Support from Alumni
This is run as part of the Employability support available at NTU. 

We are constantly developing the support we offer to students and so please look back in the future for innovative new developments.