Student life

Sometimes students starting university can find it very different to what their experiences were like at school or college. This can mean that there are a lot of new rules to learn about the way universities work. This general guide will try to help you understand what is expected of you at university as well as the support that is available.

These pages are an introduction to ease you into university life so might not cover everything that you may experience. Should a problem arise which is not covered here, you should get in touch with your disability officer or/ alternatively contact Disability Support Services via email or telephone +44 (0)115 848 2085.

We hope that the following content helps you to settle into your exciting new university life. Click on the links below to get you started and remember there are lots of people here to support you so if you have any questions or concerns then please ask.

Get sorted – life at uni


  • Course inductions - course induction sessions run throughout the first few weeks of the term and will introduce you to your course
  • Library – floor plans, search facilities and opening hours
  • NOW system – emails, timetables and course content
  • Study skills development - support available for you to develop skills associated with your studies
  • Teaching methods – information on lectures, seminars and workshops
  • Term dates – showing term dates and university closure days for the coming years
  • Examinations – all the information you need to know about exams

Social and wellbeing

  • Connect with NTU – links to NTU social media pages
  • Eat well and be active – advice and support including cookery guides
  • Fez Wearing Society - NTU's dedicated society for people who experience social anxieties whether they be caused by Anxiety Disorders, Autistic Spectrum and people who just want something a little different from the usual student experience
  • Health Centres – registering with a medical practice
  • Health and wellbeing guidePDF icon
  • Nottingham – learn a little bit more about the city
  • Societies and clubs – see if any suit you
  • Sport Access Scheme – try out sports through referral from your Disability Officer
  • Students' Union - an independent organisation that aims to represent all students currently attending NTU
  • Volunteering - volunteering can support you in developing your experience and skills and through our opportunities, there is something for everybody

External links

Need help?
There are a variety of ways to get help so don't worry you are not alone. During office hours contact your disability officer or/ alternatively contact Disability Support Services via email or telephone +44 (0)115 848 2085. If you need assistance out of hours try:

Alternatively click on one of the links below to contact wellbeing services via their online forms.