Exams and assessments

Your Access Statement will be shared with your Academic School and the Exams Team at NTU.

Examination arrangements
You must provide sufficient evidence, confirm your examination arrangements and have an Access Statement in place prior to exam deadlines. Please see the Exam web pages for important information, such as the deadline dates for the submission of individual exam arrangements and your responsibilities as a student.

If your assessment report recommends the use of a PC, scribe or reader in exams, you must confirm your exam arrangements with us before your Access Statement is agreed. It is important that you attend an advice session to discuss this further.

Extensions to coursework deadlines
Students with SpLDs should endeavour to hand in work within the usual deadline period. Having extra time to complete a piece of coursework will mean less time to plan and prepare for other assignments. It may lead to building up a backlog of outstanding work, creating further pressure and anxiety for you later on in the term. It can also cause difficulty with group projects. The Dyslexia Support Team can offer you advice in managing workloads. If you have DSA funding for one to one support, we recommend that you access it in order to assist with planning and organising your workload.

If, however, you are having difficulty meeting a deadline for written coursework, you should refer to your programme handbook for information about your Academic School extension policy. You should adhere to school procedure and request any extensions in advance of the deadline.

Academic appeals
Please see the Academic Appeals website for information regarding Notification of Exceptional Circumstances, Reconsideration Requests and Academic Appeals. If you are required to submit a Notification of Exceptional Circumstances please see our Student Support Services guidance.

Nottingham Trent Students' Union Advice Centre
Please see the Nottingham Trent Students' Union website for information regarding the advice and information provided by the Student Advice Centre.