Academic writing

Academic writing is the type of writing you are expected to use for assignments and assessment whilst you are at university. It is important to view this type of writing as a process; a series of stages you need to go through, to enable you as a student to develop the levels of knowledge and understanding required to achieve at the highest levels in your degree. 

This process begins with understanding the assignment brief and requires you to apply critical thinking to your reading, thinking and assignment writing (for instance in the form of an essay, report, literature review or academic poster) to demonstrate an ability to synthesise, analyse and evaluate the established viewpoint and possibly to offer an alternative perspective. 

Forms of digital writing, such as blogging, have recently been introduced into assessment as an alternative to the more formal genres of writing, in order to help you to practise writing in an academic forum, focusing on aspects of grammar and punctuation, and allowing you to proofread and edit prior to posting to a public domain. All the resources below have been quality checked by NTU. They have been selected to meet the needs of most students but please talk to your Personal Tutor if you have any concerns about your particular needs.

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