What to do and when

Find out more about postgraduate study

Download our Postgraduate Study Calendar to see what you should be thinking about each month and the events taking place.

So what are my options?

Continue studying your current subject in greater depth 
Why not have a chat with your tutor? They know more about it than anyone else.

Or look at other options 
Ever thought about being a lawyer, teacher or any other profession? It could be the start of a whole new world.

To find out more, come along to one of our open events

What should I do next?

Look into different types of study
What is the difference between taught masters, research degrees and professional courses? Visit the TARGET Courses website for lots of useful information.

Have a better look at the courses on offer

  • How long are the courses?
  • Will I have the right entry requirements?
  • Do they all start in September or are there other options?
  • Can you study it part-time?

Start to find out about fees, bursaries, scholarships and discounts
Take a look at our postgraduate funding information or visit Prospects or TARGET Courses.

Investigate research funding opportunities
The Vice-Chancellor may announce PhD Studentships in the autumn and December is a good month for submitting applications.

Check if there is a deadline for applications

Visit postgraduate open days
These are a great chance to find out more about courses and get your questions answered

Unsure? Ask for advice

The Careers and Placement Centre can give you independent advice. They also run a series of events.