Our facilities are regularly used by our students from different departments for labs, final year projects or extra curricular astrometry work. The images below show our students and members of our team at work. As an outcome of their efforts they have collected some amazing images of the wonders of the universe shown in the events gallery.

Technical Information

On this page you will be able to find detailed technical information describing our equipment as well as useful links to plan and support work at the Observatory.

Optical Telescope:


  • SXV H9 / SXV H9C - Charged Coupled Devices imaging in both monochrome and coloured light.
  • Littrow Spectrograph - A high resolution spectrograph that can easily resolve details in the H-alpha line.
  • GRISM - A Slitless grating allowing multiple low resolution spectra to be taken.
  • Filters Broad-Band / Narrow-Band - A selection of B, V, and R filters as well as narrow interference filters for OIII, NII, and H-alpha.

Radio Telescope: