Eat well, be active

Eat well, feel the difference

A good balanced diet will help you stay fit and well, help to fight off any illnesses and give you bags of energy.

Please click on the links below for information on eating well including recipes and essential hints and tips:

Be active, feel the difference

Regular physical exercise is key to staying fit and healthy at university. Just 20 minutes a day will leave you energised and feeling great.

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Sports and fitness

Make the most of NTU's sporting facilities, fitness suites, exercise classes, football and netball leagues, and sports clubs. Also check out NTU Play for Fun activities. If you're studying at Brackenhurst you can get reduced membership at Southwell L.C..

Sport Access Scheme

If you are new to sport or interested in using the gym, attending some classes or trying out a new sport, then this scheme may be a way for you to start getting involved. You need to be currently receiving support from Student Support Services; Mental Health, Counselling, Student Support Officers and Disability Support services and be keen to benefit physically and mentally from sport activities and want to be referred.

For further information click on the attachment below or contact the Mental Health Support Team / Counselling Service / Student Support Officers / Disability Support Team

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