Need help?

Before deciding you need counselling:

Please first visit our Information and Advice web pages where there is plenty of useful resources  to help deal with a wide range of issues. 

Also if you have begun to feel anxious, depressed, stressed or are having issues with your body image or eating then please try SilverCloud.

SilverCloud is our online system designed to help with a range of mental health issues. The content is motivational, easy to use, interactive and relevant to students. It can be especially helpful if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, stress or eating issues.

What is counselling?

Counselling offers a safe place to talk about personal, emotional, and psychological problems with a supportive and trained professional. Issues discussed in sessions will be kept confidential in line with our Confidentiality Statement

We usually offer up to four face-to-face appointments.  

We also offer online counselling  PDF icon for those who are not able to come in for face-to-face sessions as they:

  • may find it easier to email about personal issues than talk about them
  • are away from the campus

If after reading about Online Counselling, you decide you want to explore this option, then please indicate this on the form that you send to us.

Please select one of the following links to take you to the appropriate form if:

We will then contact you for an assessment to ensure that you, or the person you are concerned about, receives the most appropriate support.

Opening hours

We offer appointments throughout the year during term-time on all three campuses. These happen Monday to Friday from 9 am – 4.30 pm. We also offer sessions on Tuesdays until 7 pm during term-time on the City Campus only. Appointment times during vacations may vary.

Waiting times vary during the year and can be a number of weeks during our busiest periods. However, when you are asked for your availability, the more times that you provide, the sooner we may be able to offer you counselling.

Emergency help

We are not an emergency or crisis service so if you can't wait for an appointment, please consider the following options depending on the urgency of your situation:





A student taking part in counselling