Faith and spirituality

The chaplains are available for all NTU students and staff. They support the University in three main areas.

Personal support (pastoral)

  • Our pastoral support is available to anyone.
  • We offer support for anyone with a situation that might be worrying them – a decision you've made or need to make, general worries and anxiety, homesickness, loneliness, a relationship breakup, or a bereavement.
  • We can help you as, when and how you want. There are no time limits. We are there when and if you need us.
  • Please email us to arrange a convenient time for us to meet you.


  • University is a time to meet new people and make friends, but that can be difficult. The Wellbeing room at Clifton Campus is a neutral space where you can find a caring generous community that welcomes everyone.
  • The chaplains also organise specific events to encourage and build community.
    Regular events during term time
    Date Event title Description Where? Time
    Every Monday Come for lunch Fancy some free food and a chance to catch up with friends, the WellBeing room is the perfect place. An informal gathering with food in the fridge and drinks available. Wellbeing room, Clifton Campus 12 - 2 pm
    Every Tuesday International Come for lunch On Tuesdays Come for Lunch is even bigger and better, with more food and more people, and we have a particular welcome for International Students from our chaplain to International Students, Revd Kara Cooper. It's a great place to find a community. All Welcome. Wellbeing room, Clifton
    12 - 2 pm
    Every Wednesday Come for lunch See Monday Wellbeing room, Clifton Campus 12 - 2 pm
    Every Thursday Come for lunch See Monday Wellbeing room, Clifton
    12 - 2 pm
    Every Friday Come for lunch See Monday Wellbeing room, Clifton
    12 - 2 pm
    If you are not on Clifton Campus, please email us to see what might be on offer where you are.


  • We offer a number of opportunities to discover, explore and practise your faith, whether that is through specific religious services, or more spiritual spaces including mindfulness and meditation. If you are interested in mindfulness walks, or one to one meditation or mindfulness support please email us.
  • The University provides facilities for prayer and other faith activities across all campuses. Information about the location of these facilities and the policy for their is laid out in the Use of Prayer And Faith Facilities Policy PDF icon .
  • We have information about student religious groups.
  • We work with a team of faith and religious advisers to support the faith needs of students at NTU.