Worried about someone?

You might be worried about someone because they:

  • are becoming withdrawn
  • seem depressed
  • are not eating or sleeping properly
  • have erratic behaviour, moods or sleeping patterns
  • haven't been in touch with you as they usually would.

Understandably, you might find it awkward or challenging to speak with someone that you are concerned about. We would advise that you:

  1. approach any discussion informally and sensitively
  2. start by explaining what it is you have noticed that concerns you
  3. and encourage them to contact us in Student Support Services.

Make a wellbeing referral

You may wish to make a third party referral to the Wellbeing Services. This involves completing a short online form about your concerns which will then be looked at by a practitioner to decide what to do going forward. Simply click the 'I am worried about someone else' button on the right-hand side of the page, or call the team on +44 (0)115 848 6880 to have a chat about your concerns.

You may also find our health and wellbeing information and advice resources useful.

Do they need to talk to a doctor?

You could suggest that your friend contacts their GP, if their health or wellbeing is suffering. If you felt comfortable and able, you could offer to accompany them to their appointment. Hopefully, they are registered with a GP. If not, they can register at their local campus Health Centre.

See the Health and Wellbeing section for top tips on how to keep safe and well. If you are worried that more immediate medical help might be needed, then don't delay - call NHS 111 for 24-hour health advice and information.

Informing the course team

Your friend may want you to contact their tutor, if their studies are not going well and they feel uncomfortable about making this contact themselves. You could also offer to go with your friend to a meeting with their tutor, if you felt comfortable to do so. It would be a positive step if they could start to discuss their academic concerns with a member of staff with whom they have a good rapport. The year tutor or course leader would be able to advise on the academic options available.

The course team need to know if a student is experiencing issues that are impacting on their attendance or submission of assignments. It is only through having this knowledge that they can help your friend to find the best way forward.

Alternatively, you or the student could make initial contact with their subject administrator. The administrator's details will be in the course handbook on Nottingham Trent University Online Workspace (NOW). They can give you the contact details of relevant academic staff. You may also wish to suggest that they speak to a specialist academic adviser or student writing mentor.

What if things get worse?

Contact the Student Support Services wellbeing manager on +44 (0)115 848 2538, if you are worried that your friend's health or general well-being is deteriorating. The Wellbeing Services may also be able to offer support. Dial 999 in an emergency situation.


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