Maths and Statistics Support

Many students find that there is a maths element to their degree and can struggle with aspects of statistics, quantitative research or financial analysis. Don't worry, help is on hand. You will find that in maths, often each new subject builds on the one before and so it's important to keep up. Don't assume that things will become clearer later. If you are struggling, make sure that you deal with the problem immediately.

Sources of support

Your course
If your course has a maths element, then it’s highly likely that you will be taught the relevant skills within the curriculum. It is extremely important that you attend lectures and seminars and conduct all the preparatory reading and homework for each class.

NOW Student Help
NOW Student Help has a range of guides and tutorials to help you improve your maths and statistics skills.

Your tutors
Tutors can help you with your assignments. Most tutors will have office hours when they will be available to see you, or you could email them to book an appointment.

Library Maths and Statistics Tutors and Student Mentors
All courses can require a knowledge of maths and statistics. You can book an appointment with a Maths and Stats Tutor, or a Student Mentor to discuss your needs on an individual basis. We also run maths related workshops during term time.




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