Academic writing support

For most students, academic writing is the main form of assessment. Depending upon the nature of your course, you may be expected to write reports, essays, exams, or reflective writing such as journals. There are important rules and conventions for all these forms of writing. It is important that you learn and use them.

Sources of help

You should always start by trying to understand the expectations for each type of writing. Start by looking in your module or course handbooks for rules and guidance. Make sure that you read the assessment criteria so that you understand what the tutors will be looking for. NOW Student Help has a range of guides and tutorials to help you improve your academic writing.

Your tutors
Tutors can help you with your assignments. Most tutors will have office hours when they will be available to see you, or you could email to book an appointment. Unlike college though, they will not usually proofread your work, but will discuss your ideas and how you have approached the question.

Library Learning and Teaching Team and Student Mentors
Writing essays, reports and dissertations can be challenging, especially if you've not done a lot of it. You can call into the library or book an appointment with a member of the Learning and Teaching Team, including Student Mentors, to discuss your needs on an individual basis. We also offer workshops during term time where you can find out more about writing, and get the chance to ask questions and try out some new techniques.

Your fellow students
Is working with another student allowed? Isn't it called collusion, or academic misconduct? Well, if you sit down with another student and both write the same essay, or the same essay with a few words changed, then that is cheating. However, if you have a discussion with your peers about how you are going to tackle a question and discuss different approaches, we call that good academic practice. Perhaps the safest way to avoid any collusion is to talk to your fellow students early in the writing process as you develop your ideas.




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