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SOS - Stamp Out Stress

We know exams and assessments can be a stressful time, which is why we are running the Stamp Out Stress (SOS) campaign. The campaign provides support, advice and activities to help you Stamp Out Stress.

You can find details of the campaign on the SU website www.trentstudents.org/sos  

SOS top tips:

  • Learn to recognise when you're feeling stressed out – after all, you know yourself better than anyone else. Have a break, go for a walk or chat with a friend, and come back to the problem with a clear head! Why not try yoga? This is a great way to relax and clear the mind. Free yoga is running every Wednesday from 8.15 – 9 pm in the NTU Sport Studio, level 0, City SU. Just email healthyntu@ntu.ac.uk to book.
  • Avoid worrying about what those around you are doing – focus on you and your own work and go at a pace that works for you.
  • Break your revision down into manageable chunks – make a realistic timetable with regular breaks and stick to it! Past exam papers allow you to familiarise yourself with the layout and the types of questions you'll be asked and can improve your exam technique. Make use of all of the resources available to you. Also check out the library support sessions.
  • Factor in some you time every day – whether it's watching a few episodes of your favourite TV show, reading the Healthy NTU blog, or going out for lunch, it's important that you allow yourself the time to wind down and relax.
  • Eat right and don't skip meals – no matter how rushed you are, fruit, vegetables and a proper breakfast are key! Take a look at our recipe ideas.
  • Get physical – nothing de-stresses the mind more than exercise, so add it into your day. An active body makes an active mind! Check out NTU Sport there's something for everyone.
  • Keep your cool and stay calm – when you start to feel panicked, take a moment, sit back, and control your breathing. Simply counting to five whilst taking deep breaths in and then out can return you to a more calm and composed state. We have lots of podcasts and other self-help information that can help.
  • Let the past be the past – don't fret about what you and your friends wrote in the exam. It's been and gone, and there's nothing you can do about it – so there's no point wasting time and energy worrying over things you can't change!
  • Extra Support Sessions - we will be running a series of Stress Busting sessions which will provide you with helpful tips on how to reduce stress and be in tip top form for your exams and assessments. Planned dates include 25 April, 30 April, 2 May, 16 May and 21 May, each running from 11 - 11.40 am on City Campus. Just email healthyntu@ntu.ac.uk to book.
  • If you need help or support, just visit the wellbeing site and contact Student Support Wellbeing.

For further tips visit Student Minds


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