Current and former students

As a current or former student of Nottingham Trent University you may at times require verification of your study, a replacement certificate, or transcripts or information relating to your studies. If you graduated in 2001 or before, we may only be able to verify limited information regarding your studies, such as the award, the classification and year of the award; or produce a duplicate certificate.

Verification letter

This is a formal letter of verification from the University confirming the dates you attended, the course you studied, and any qualifications you achieved. 

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If you were or currently are a student at one of our validated centres, please contact the following departments to request a verification letter or a transcript:

Replacement or duplicate certificate

Please note that we can only offer a replacement certificate if you were awarded your qualification in 1993 or later. 

Request a duplicate certificate

Copy of my transcript

A transcript is a detailed breakdown of all modules studied and the marks achieved. 

Obtain a copy of your transcript

Academic reference

An academic reference confirms your course and the dates that you studied, and any awards you achieved. It will not, however, comment on your character.

All academic references for current and former NTU students are processed through Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD). Please direct your prospective employer to the HEDD website, and they will be able to log on and obtain an academic reference for you.

HEDD is supported by the UK government and recognised by the authorities of UK higher education. For more information on HEDD you can visit their website.

Character reference

A character reference is based on your character and can only be completed by someone who knows you and your nature, such as a former tutor. 

Obtain a character reference