Student Code of Behaviour

At NTU we are committed to making NTU an enjoyable and safe place for all students.

We are very clear how our students are expected to conduct themselves that is responsible and respectful to others, whether they be other students, members of staff, visitors to the University or members of the local community.

The Student Code of Behaviour incorporates the Discipline Regulations for students and is intended to make students clearly aware of their behavioural responsibilities.

A high standard of behaviour and respect towards other students, University staff and members of the public is expected of all students whether on campus or not.

We encourage all members of the NTU community to be aware of their behaviour and interaction with others - and of the impact this may have. Discriminatory and negative behaviour is not tolerated and may also be unlawful. Please visit our Respect page for advice.

At NTU we treat breaches of this code very seriously and penalties will be given in cases that are proven, in very serious offences this could be suspension or permanent expulsion from the university. Please read the quick “Behaviour and Standard” guide, this gives examples of behaviours that might breach the code and the possible penalties that can be applied.

Sexual Misconduct

At NTU we define sexual misconduct as any sexual act occurring without the consent of all parties, including but not limited to; sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment and stalking. NTU have trained officers to support students.

Following an incident of sexual misconduct - which can take many forms, including but not limited to sharing of sexual images, making inappropriate sexual comments, to serious assault and harassment - you have options. You may choose to disclose the incident to a member of staff to seek support only.

You can make a formal report to the University for the purposes of initiating the procedures against another student within the Student Code of Behaviour Policy via this form. Student Support Staff can discuss your reporting with you so that you can make an informed decision of what you wish to do.

Where a crime has been committed we will always encourage students to report this to the police. Any investigation that the university undertake will not conclude a criminal outcome, we can only determine if the behaviours have been breached, we do not have the same investigative capabilities and forensic evidence that the police could determine.