Well-being podcasts from the Mental Health Foundation

It's important to take some time out to relax – having a break is good for your mental health and well-being. Here are a range of podcasts you can download and listen to which can help you relax and improve your sense of well-being. Listen to them either on your computer or your personal MP3 player.

Some are designed to be quick fixes and some are the full works, so download the ones which fit into your lifestyle.

Mindfulness - 10 Minute Practice Exercise PodcastThis relaxation exercise is narrated by mindfulness expert Professor Mark Williams, and features a series of breathing and visualisation techniques.10 minutes
How to Overcome Fear and AnxietyThe How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety podcast has been released for Mental Health Action Week 2009. The podcast outlines ways to overcome fear and anxiety and is also available in written form.10 minutes
Stress and the Mind - Full WorksThis podcast has a series of exercises which outline how to use positive emotions and imagery to ease pressure.17 minutes
Well-being and Sleep - Full WorksThis podcast has a number of short breathing techniques which can help relax and reduce stress before you go to bed.7 minutes
Stress and Relaxation - Quick Fix Breathing ExerciseThis podcast can be listened to whenever you feel tense and is a simple and great way to calm your mind and body down.5 minutes
Stress and the Mind - Quick Fix Relaxation ExerciseThis podcast has some quick relaxation and breathing exercises which you can do anywhere to help clear your mind.7 minutes
Well-being and RelaxationThis podcast gives the listener a short and easy form of meditation which can be effective in relaxing and reducing stress.

16 minutes

Stress and Relaxation - Full WorksThis podcast gives the listener stress management techniques which can help relieve pressure from daily life.

15 minutes

What is Mindfulness?This podcast gives you an introduction to mindfulness and its benefits. It is narrated by Dr Jonty Heaversedge, with contributions from Dr Mark Williams, a mindfulness expert, and Kathy, someone who practices mindfulness.

14 minutes

Well-being and Nutrition - Full WorksThis podcast is intended to give the listener an introduction into how a good nutritious diet can help mental health.

15 minutes

Well-being and Positive Thinking - Full WorksThis podcast introduces positive thinking as a way of reducing anxiety and encouraging focus and goal-setting.

12 minutes

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