Transgender students

Practical support for transgender students

Student Support Services staff are committed to equality and diversity, and work within a set of values which are affirmative of all gender and sexual identities.

We recognise the unique issues faced by transgender students, both in a university environment and in the wider community, therefore we are committed to providing support from someone who understands your needs. As such we have a designated support officer who you can contact to discuss any concerns or practicalities relating to your time as a student and your personal gender identity.

The term “transgender” is used here as a broad umbrella to describe people whose gender identity is not the same as, or does not sit comfortably with, the sex they were assigned at birth, including non-binary gender identities. We aim to provide support for any process of gender reassignment, whether this is being medically assisted or not.

Examples of how we could help:

  • Communicate your gender identity and your pronouns (he/she/they/other) to your course team on your behalf.
  • Liaise with your course team if you must miss any lectures due to clinic appointments, surgeries, issues relating to gender dysphoria etc. to ensure you don't get behind with your studies.
  • Advice about how to update your University records to reflect your gender identity.
  • Arrange for a new student card if your current card no longer reflects your name or physical appearance.
  • Support you with coming out to peers, sports club members, society members, family, and staff etc.
  • Support you with any concerns that are impacting on your studies.
  • Advice about evidence currently required to have your final degree certificate issued in your preferred name.

Students are reminded that NTU has clear policies and procedures relating bullying and harassment, and that discriminatory behaviour such as transphobia will not be tolerated: