Feeling unwell?

Feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell, you have the following support, information and services available to you.

It's not an emergency, but I'd like some advice

You can:

Contact a doctor

You should contact your Health Centre in the first instance if you are feeling unwell. The team will arrange for you to see or speak to a nurse or doctor. If you phone out of office hours, you will be provided with an alternative number to call. Please ensure that you register with a doctor at the University.

Emergencies out of hours

You can do any of the following if you have an urgent medical problem outside of surgery hours:

  • contact the surgery with whom you are registered and you will be diverted to their deputising service
  • go to your nearest NHS Urgent Care Centre
  • call 999 in an immediate emergency

Let your course team know

You should inform your course team if you are likely to be away from classes and/or the submission of assignments is affected. Contact your subject administrator in your academic school about any absences or impact on any assignments or attendance. You will find their contact details in the induction materials provided to you at the start of your course, or you can call the University Switchboard on +44 (0)115 941 8418.