Academic appeals

Academic appeals procedures

The academic appeals procedures describe the ways in which students may make representation about decisions made by Boards of Examiners on their academic performance and progress. Separate arrangements exist for complaints about the learning experience (see complaints procedure for students).

All students of the University, including students on franchised courses of study at undergraduate and taught postgraduate levels, are covered by these procedures; however there are separate arrangements for research students (e.g. MPhil and PhD).

If you wish to use the procedures, you can do so at three levels:

  • Before a Board of Examiners meets, a student who believes their academic performance may have been influenced by circumstances beyond their control – e.g. illness or other personal circumstances – may inform the Board prior to it meeting. This is called a Notification of Exceptional Circumstances.
  • Where a student disagrees with the decision of the Board of Examiners they may ask for this to be reconsidered (a Request for Reconsideration Submission). This request will be considered by a panel of independent senior academics.
  • An application to appeal against the decision of this panel may follow and may lead to a hearing before an independent panel (an 'appeal').

Submissions at each level must be made via the academic appeals portal with supporting evidence and within the specified timescales.

If you need help with using the procedures, the Student Advice Centre in the Students' Union will provide guidance to students on how to use them.

Deadline for submitting a Notification of Exceptional Circumstances is 5 working days from your assessment deadline and can be made at any point in the academic year.

This summary is not the procedure and has no legal standing. View the full Notification of Exceptional Circumstances Procedure Word icon and academic appeals procedure Word icon .

A full explanation of academic irregularity can be found in the academic irregularity policy on the policies and procedures pages.

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