Complaints procedure

Complaints Procedure for Students - Summary

If you are concerned about an aspect of your learning experience, you can use the complaints procedure for students to bring your concerns to the attention of relevant staff. The procedure enables investigation of the concerns with the aim of satisfactory resolution, and is available to students who are enrolled on University courses. Students who are studying at franchised centres should follow the centre's procedures in the first place.

There are specific timescales for making complaints. It is important that if you wish to use the procedure, you raise the issue at local level within one month of the issue arising.

There are two levels to the procedure – informal and formal:

  • Most complaints are resolved informally by expressing the complaint to a member of staff who is appropriate or with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Where the above has not produced a satisfactory resolution to the problem, you can complete the Student Complaint Form, which should then be sent to the Head of the Academic Registrar or nominee who will attempt resolution between all parties.

Sometimes it is not possible to reach a satisfactory resolution to a problem through the above steps, and in such cases a formal hearing may be appropriate to determine the outcome of the complaint.

Students also have access to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for external, independent review if they remain dissatisfied following the formal stage of the University's complaints procedure.

There are separate procedures covering matters relating to:

Matters brought to the University's attention through the complaints procedure will be treated as valuable student feedback and the operation of the procedure is carefully monitored. The University welcomes feedback on its services and will use the findings to improve them where appropriate and possible.

Further information about the complaints procedure is available from the Academic Registry. Independent advice can be sought from the Nottingham Trent Student Union Information and Advice Service. The Information and Advice Service also provides support and representation for students who wish to use the Procedure.

This summary is not the procedure and has no legal standing.

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