Can you do borderless printing?
The small format printers do not do borderless printing, they leave a white border of approximately 5mm all the way round. You can print onto A3 and trim out if you want a borderless A4. From A2 –A0 we can borderless print, please specify you want this when you submit your work.

How long does it take to print/bind?
Generally you will get your printing in under five to ten minutes if you have a simple job. The same for binding. Please be aware that at major hand in times and near the end of term we get very busy, so be prepared to queue and leave enough time to do this.

How can I pay?
Cash. Card payments above £3. We except student cards topped up with SHOP CREDIT NOT PRINT CREDIT. You need to pay on delivery of your work or you will be asked to leave it with us and return with payment.

Can I leave/submit work and pick it up later?
No, we offer a while you wait service. Your work will be carried out as soon as a member of staff is serving you. At busy periods we sometimes take in large format colour work (A2-A0) because of the time required to print them.

What sizes do you print?
We print from A5-A0 in colour and B/W. Anything smaller than this we recommend you put more on a page which you can then trim down. We can print large format longer than A0 but we are limited to the roll width of 890mm. View the paper size chart PDF icon .

Do you print double sided?
Yes, on paper sizes from A5-A3. There will always be play on the printing because of the way the machine pulls the paper through, so don't expect the image to line up exactly. We can't print double sided onto any large format prints, neither will any other printers! If you find somewhere that does please let us know.

Should I leave a border for binding?
Generally a default word file will give enough bleed for binding, the punch at the side is never as big as you think it will be. The punch cuts into the paper by about 5-7mm so be aware of this with other files. If you print with us the printers leave a border which is usually ample space for the binding. If you are hard back binding be aware that the larger the document gets the less border is left in the middle of the document.

Can you edit my work?
We don't offer any form of editing service. We have student computers in the shop which you can use to re-save or edit work on. If you are still having problems please contact the support staff in the library.

Do you offer student discount?
Our prices are fixed and have been price matched to be competitive with all local independent printers.

How can I find you?
We are located in the Chaucer Building on Goldsmith Street, next to the NTU tram stop.

How Busy are you?
This varies from day to day and even hour to hour. Generally we are quieter at the beginning of term and then get busier as term progresses. Easter term (April-May) is the busiest time of the year and you should expect to queue for a while at this time of year. You will always be seen and get your work completed but leave enough time before your deadline.

Questions that have been asked that we can't answer!

  • Will there be a power cut tomorrow?
  • Can you put my work in order? No because we don't know which order it goes in.
  • Do you think it's busy in the other shop?
  • Do you know what my tutor is called?
  • Do you think they'll let me off because I'm handing this in two hours late?
  • Can you make the printer run any faster?
  • Why do you have to close?