Why go abroad?

Studying abroad adds value to your degree and will give you a once in a lifetime chance to experience another culture and enhance your employability skills. You'll have a unique opportunity to meet new people and build a new network of friends and practitioners in your chosen subject, and even learn a new language. Going abroad during your degree is an exciting experience and a chance for you to develop personally, academically, and professionally.

Did you know that international opportunities help you:

  • earn more money than students without international experience
  • get better degree results
  • be more competitive in the job market
  • develop your networks.

You can also enhance your essential personal and people skills required in the global workplace, including:

  • intercultural communication and language skills
  • adaptability and tolerance
  • resilience and independence
  • problem solving
  • confidence and leadership skills.

*Source: Gone International: the value of mobility (September 2016).

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Student Exchange Buddies

Are you preparing to go on your overseas exchange/work placement? OR are you thinking of going on overseas as part of your course?

Contact our friendly team of Student Exchange Buddies for advice on what it’s like to be a new student in a different country and in to be part of a new culture! Our buddies have recently returned from working, studying or volunteering abroad themselves so have lots of experiences, hints and tips to share with you. Whether it’s advice on what to pack, how to find accommodation, where to eat or the best ways to make new friends – they are happy to share their knowledge with you and remember, there is no such thing as a silly question!

Email them any time and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also join their Facebook group to connect with them, other students who are about to go overseas and with some of the exchange students who have joined us at NTU from all over the world!