Emotional health

Look after your emotional health and wellbeing

Emotional health and wellbeing involves feeling happy, getting involved in university life and taking time for yourself. It is important that you feel secure and positive while learning. To help the Students' Union offers clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities for you to get involved in.

More information on Student Mental Health.

Did you know: If you or someone else would like help and support it is readily available via Student Support Services - Health and Wellbeing Services.

NTU Chaplains are trained to support people with loss and bereavement issues. They can talk to you confidentially, compassionately and objectively about the issues you might be facing. You do not have to be of faith to book a chat.

Information and advice

Visit our information and advice page for tips and advice on self help, looking after your mental health and looking out for your friends.

You can also access free Look After Your Mate training. The training provides an introduction to student mental health including: spotting the signs of when a friend may be struggling, communication techniques, signposting, boundaries, self-care and looking after yourself whilst supporting a friend.

For training dates and more information get in touch.

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