Here are some top tips to getting the most out of your student experience and studies at NTU.

Recognise your maturity as an asset
Your experience of life, both in education and the wider world, will bring an extra dimension to seminar and tutorial groups. Bear this in mind, but take care not to dominate group discussions unnecessarily.

Face your fears
For some mature students, a big fear is walking into the lecture hall to find they are the oldest person in the room. Such concern is understandable, but too much emphasis on this will only increase anxiety. It's important to be realistic. You may appear older than other students, but though you may be nervous, everyone else is new to the institution as well.

Involve your family and friends in your new life
Going to university will have an emotional impact on you and your family. As you grow in confidence and self belief, you may become more assertive in the way you deal with everyday situations. Ensure those close to you don't feel excluded by this, by involving them in what you do.

Make a note of school holidays
If you have children of school age, it is important to remember that school and university holidays don't always coincide and you may need to arrange out-of-school care. The City of Nottingham offers a comprehensive range of childcare services. For details visit the DirectGov Childcare pages or download our Looking for Childcare Word icon leaflet which has more links to relevant sources of information. 

Think about where and when you study most effectively
What other commitments do you have and what time is available for studying? Do you study better at certain times of the day? Where can you work without being disturbed? Consider all these things and more when planning your study time.

Remind yourself of your motivation
When times seem hard, try to remember why you chose to study in the first place. These thoughts can sometimes get lost in the whirlwind of the first few weeks.

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