Student parents

This information is for students with caring responsibilities for children. It lists the support available to help you plan your time and finances effectively.


If you have young children, arranging appropriate childcare may be a key issue in enabling you to fully participate in your course. You will find basic information about potential funding and childcare on the Government website.

Financial support

Financial support and funding are also of concern for many students with children. That is why the Student Financial Support Service produce information for Students with Children which is aimed at full-time home undergraduates. For further information and advice on funding issues, including for postgraduate and part time students contact the Student Financial Support Service.

Student parent advice, information and support

The Student Support Officer (Widening Participation) can offer advice, information and support to new student parents and applicants. This support is available to student parents who are:

  • applying for a course at NTU
  • in their first year of study.

You can contact the Student Support Officer by telephone +44 (0)115 848 3290 or email.

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