Nottingham Trent University is one of the most sustainable universities in the world.  

The NTU Catering Team are dedicated to promoting and embedding a sustainable food culture within the university and beyond.  We work in partnership with the university Environment and Procurement Teams to ensure that we give consideration to ethical, social and environmental factors when making decisions on the products and services we provide throughout the university.

We have developed a Sustainable Food and Drinks Policy PDF icon which serves as the main driver in our commitment to deliver healthy and sustainable food and beverage products.  

We meet our aims and objectives to promote and embed a sustainable food culture through:

  • using local suppliers
  • using environmentally friendly oil
  • Fair Trade
  • using organic produce
  • purchasing sustainable fish
  • freshly prepared seasonal menus
  • developing more effective procedures for food waste and disposal
  • providing healthy options
  • providing free drinking water in our outlets
  • promoting and celebrating food
  • opportunities for staff volunteering

NTU Catering have been accredited the Silver Food for Life Award from The Soil Association since November 2011. We are very proud at NTU to be the first University to achieve the Food For Life Silver Catering Mark on a Large Volume for Students.  We have also been awarded the Customer Service Excellence award.

More information about how we meet our aims and objectives and embed sustainable food culture are outlined in the NTU Catering Sustainability document.PDF icon