Academic Ambassadors

Do you want to be a Student Ambassador for your School?


What will it involve?

We want current students to promote the undergraduate and postgraduate experience within their School, working closely with the marketing department in delivering successful open days, events, and other recruitment initiatives.

  • Actively promote and provide information via ad hoc queries at events about specific courses, facilities and services open to students at NTU.
  • Support and contribute to short presentations to a wide range of prospective students, and in some cases parents, on a variety of themes associated with student life.
  • Actively promote the connection between the offered courses and future personal and career development.
  • Act as a positive role model to pupils, particularly in relation to higher education.
  • Participate actively and professionally in all sessions and activities.
  • Act responsibly and appropriately when working with a wide range of prospective students, including young people and their parents as well as professional and mature students.
  • Network with other Student Ambassadors and staff to share best practice, including attendance of training and review and evaluation meetings.


You will mainly be working on the site where your School operates; however, you may be asked to go elsewhere on some occasions.

Who can apply?

To be an ambassador you will need to be:

  • in your first, second or final year of study, on a full-time or part-time course at NTU
  • enthusiastic and friendly
  • a good communicator with a positive attitude. 

What will I gain?

  • Extra cash
  • Valuable work experience
  • A chance to stand out from the crowd after graduating
  • Personal and professional development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Reference or recommendation
  • Personal reward and recognition 
  • Access to subsidised or free skills training

How much can I earn?

Student or School Ambassadors normally £7.83 per hour plus holiday supplement.

How to apply

Visit JobShop to apply to become a Student or School Ambassador and to find out about the roles available. 

Once you have started your assignment with Unitemps

Once you have started your assignment with Unitemps you will need to fill in your timesheet on a weekly basis. You can access your timesheets for the roles that have been assigned to you via your online Unitemps account.

  • Log in to Unitemps
  • Click Submit a Timesheet
  • Select the relevant timesheet
  • Complete your timesheet.

Timesheets will need to be submitted no later than Monday at 12 pm for the preceding week.


Contact Us 

To contact the Unitemps team please email or telephone 0115 848 4513. You can also visit us in person. Information on when and where you do this can be found on the Unitemps page on Employability Online.

Please take this opportunity to look at the additional information provided. This includes a handy FAQ section.