Want to join a society?

There are over 100 different societies that you can join here at NTU. Societies are groups set up by students who are interested in doing certain activities outside of their studies. The societies are run by the Students’ Union and they're a great way of meeting like-minded people and having fun!

There are plenty of societies to choose from; we have everything from faith-based to academic, political to activity-based groups.

Why not create your own society?

If you have a particular interest or pastime, the chances are that other students will be interested in it too. So, if the society you want to join doesn't already exist, then the Students' Union can help you set one up! You can also join as many as you like, depending on your interests and how many socials you can cope with!

See a full list of all the societies on the Students' Union website.

Also, don't forget to check out our sports clubs, fitness activities, and volunteering opportunities as well!




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