Changes affecting finances

The information on this page is for full-time undergraduate home students receiving support from Student Finance England under the Education (Student Support) Regulations. If you are a part-time undergraduate, or a postgraduate student, or receiving funding from a different funding authority, please contact us for further advice as arrangements may vary. 

If there is a change in your financial or family circumstances, or if you are facing changes to your course of study, you need to consider the impact of this on your student finance. Before taking any decision regarding your future studies it is important that you seek advice. Student finance regulations can be complicated and if you are unaware of certain deadlines and regulations, the financial consequences can be serious.

The links below will help you navigate through some of the more common scenarios:

In all cases it is important that you:

  • seek advice early
  • consider all your options before making any decisions regarding your future studies
  • keep the University and your national Student Finance service updated at all times.

You will probably need to take a range of advice to help you reach a balanced decision regarding any changes to your pattern of study. Help is available from:

For more information about the affect of these changes on your Student Finance and how to notify your Student Finance Service, visit the website.