These are the top ten tips our care leavers have put together for new students.

  1. Healthy eating will keep your energy and concentration levels up.
  2. Enjoy yourself. Make the most of Welcome Week and remember that there are plenty of ongoing opportunities to make friends and try out new things.
  3. Plan, plan, plan! Good time management and getting assignments in on time will really help to minimise stress.
  4. Take time out. Time management includes building in time to rest, relax and recharge your batteries.
  5. When completing assignments, pay close attention to your . It is crucial to properly reference your work in order to avoid plagiarising. Ask for help with this if you are finding it difficult.
  6. Budget. You are on a limited income and need to make sure your student funding lasts throughout each term. If you budget well, you should still be able to enjoy the occasional treat.
  7. Student Support Services are there to help you so if you need support, ask for it. They can help with a whole range of issues.
  8. Be a student ambassador. This is great for confidence building and good for your CV.
  9. Get familiar with NOW – the NTU Online Workspace. This is where you will find your timetable, your email and lots of other resources to support your journey through university.
  10. Keep your eye on the goal. If you are facing any challenges, as well as asking for support remember why you came to university in the first place and stick with it!
Students sat on the grass
Student and lecturer chatting